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The RRS is the group who presented RD with that giant cheque during the 'chat' style video they made.

They're just a bunch of young kids so I don't really blame them for this typically youthful reaction, so unlike most here so far, I'm not going to over-react to this. There are a few here who are strong supporters of the young, let's hear what they say.

Do I see signs of my word meme attempt working? A long time ago I coined the word 'religite' and have slipped it into posts here being careful not to do it too often. Now I see the first ever use of it not made by me. So I'm glad Aussie used it, but I fear he did so to make me feel better because the Aussie's are socking it to England again in the third test!

Be honest now Aussie!

Fri, 15 Dec 2006 18:49:00 UTC | #11286