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Re comment #13129 by c6c6dog

I think I should inform you, being one of the "adolescents" that is featured in the promotional video (the one with the bushy hair and the microphone), that I have not been indoctrinated, nor do I lack the mental ability to study the subject at hand.
I have studied in detail the facts of the world's major religions, and I have, as I said in my video, deduced that there is not enough evidence to support what basically are wild claims.
The reason I am doing this challenge and similar activities is because recently religion has been trying to get into the science classroom, science is my subject; I cannot stand by and let personal beliefs get taught as fact to future generations of my fellow students.

So do not stop me because of my age, I am not indoctrinated, I am returning fire.

Fri, 15 Dec 2006 19:54:00 UTC | #11291