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And this is not a contest of equals, and science need not lower itself to childish oaths and pledges to get the job done.

You are right about that, but not the way you mean. Something like 80% of people believe in one or another of these myths, a sizeable minority are determined and fanatical. Science and reason is the little guy in this fight. This video is the metaphysical equivalent of a kick in the balls. We should take what we can get.

David, no one is giving credence to this rubbish, just highlighting how nonsensical it is. The truly childish behaviour is to live in terror of punishment for saying words. For good measure, I spurn and reject allah and piss (metaphrocially) on the quran.

Should I be killed for that? Some people think so. Highlighting that kind of lunacy is the point of these kinds of activities, blunting the predictable outrage of the religious, until this kind of thing no longer bothers them, and anyone can say it.

Fri, 15 Dec 2006 23:45:00 UTC | #11307