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PZ is magnificent. Brilliant. Well-informed, good-humoured and devastatingly effective.

I was amused at how, when he called Simmons ignorant (of whale fossils) both Simmons and the chairman objected as though PZ had violated the decencies of debate by using a word like 'ignorant'. To call somebody 'ignorant' as a generalised insult might be ruled out by the rules of politeness. But to call somebody ignorant when he has just unequivocally DEMONSTRATED his ignorance, in a subject about which he had written a whole book, is simply a matter of fact, and not impolite at all.

Well done PZed.

Interestingly, Dembski's 'Uncommon Descent' website carried a thread to discuss the debate on the fly, as it happened. However, when they saw that their man Simmons was being slaughtered, and when they saw that even their own posters were (however reluctantly) recognizing this, they abruptly closed the thread down. Fortunately, somebody had saved it, and you can see it at;f=14;t=1274;st=24870#entry95440


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