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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Little wonder the western world sits precariously upon the edge of oblivion. Acceptance of homosexuality as a society norm has been shown to be a serious symptom of society's demise throughout the history; there is nothing likely to be different now. It is the most important of a number of social ills such as drug addiction, promiscuity and the cult of self above all else.
There is one saving grace for the spread of Islamic forces throughout Europe today; the queers and all the other social deviants will be eradicated. Unfortunately for the majority of decent, clean living and morally upright people, the scum of the western world will drag them into the abyss of ignorance, oppression and religious despotism as well.
Take heed, we will all pay very dearly for the "rights" of a few who have throughout mankind forced their selfish, adolescent and irresponsible behavior on the populace. Squeal as much as they like, the downfall of civilized reason and values is on their weak shoulders.

Wed, 06 Feb 2008 16:31:00 UTC | #117189