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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Rod-the Farmer's comments are eminently correct, just so long as one looks at the World through logic and reason; however, that is not how Muslims are. They are motivated by ignorance and bigotry of the worst kind; fairness doesn't enter into their way of thinking. For them it is about control of the individual, complete subservience to their Imams wishes by claiming every sort of diversion to their antiquated faith is not the will of Allah.
They have every intention of setting up Islamic States wherever the local populace are too weak to resist. The Brits have had their wits and balls shrivelled by three generations of a nanny state and simply do not now have the stomach to resist. Their only chance for survival will be by recognizing that what the BNP stands for is right, reasonable and their only saviour, and should give the only truly British party their unqualified support.

Thu, 07 Feb 2008 14:58:00 UTC | #117670