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Leaving to one side the sheer audacity of Wee Flea, of all people, complaining about being patronised, let's get one thing straight: David Robertson, this paragraph is not about you. TGD is not about you. The universe was not created with you in mind. Of course our identity is bound up with all our choices, preferences and beliefs. All of them â€" which football team we support, our favourite composer, our preferred holiday destination, whether we take sugar in our coffee - form part of who we are. Yet it would be ludicrous to suggest that no one should be allowed to write anything that is in opposition to our own preferences, for fear of causing us offence; and equally ludicrous to suggest that religion should be granted special status in this regard. When Robertson writes in his book that atheists have a "profoundly depressing" view of the world, I would challenge that on the basis of reality, not on the basis that my identity is bound up with my atheism and that he's therefore offending and patronising me.

Simply excellent!

Tue, 19 Feb 2008 13:03:00 UTC | #123218