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Dear all and sundry, regarding conversation circa posts in the 2830s and '40s:

I'm just chipping in because I received Paul Creber's email (see post 2839 ) and thought I should clear up a confusion, since it relates to me. Apologies if this has already been dealt with somewhere.

I am not the author of the challenges to David Robertson on the FCOS site (see posts 2832 and 3 ), regarding his 'Clearthinker' escapades here. I somewhat regret being unable to lay claim to having leapt to Paula's defence; I'll have to find another opportunity to do so in future.

Truth be told, I've just not had time to keep up with this thread, or with this website in general, recently. But best wishes to everyone else who is doing so. And, since I'm here for a moment, well done again to Paula. (Once wasn't really enough.)

(On the question of how the FCOS forum works: we may accuse David Robertson of various things, but rampant censorship ought not to be one of them. I have burdened his moderation process with numerous rambling arguments over the last few months, and they have all appeared eventually (though this can take some time). If some comments are barred, I assume it must be on the basis of incivility, rather than their argumentative content.)

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 12:17:00 UTC | #132095