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epeeist and Paula,

Yes, I agree. I ought to have said that in my own experience, I have been treated fairly by the FCOS's moderators. But I have to concede that the current example seems to reflect poorly on them. I wonder whether other hard-to-field-comfortably comments have also passed un-posted.

I can rarely resist the opportunity to debate with David Robertson when he appears, and I do have a certain sympathy for him. But I have to admit that the conclusion I have come to after extended visits to his forum is that, whilst it is quite possible to have a polite conversation with him, it may not be possible to have a productive one. If the most pointed arguments are not even being allowed through the moderation filter, then that pretty much confirms it. (And tells me that I need to sharpen up my argumentation.)

Nice to speak to you two, too.

Wed, 05 Mar 2008 13:08:00 UTC | #132106