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That is refreshing. Though I lean more toward the Guardian, I read the Telegraph a lot. A lot of good journalism in there, and it occasionally persuades me to attitudes I wouldn't have expected to hold. But then it occasionally turns into an objectionable five-year-old-child of WWI-era parents, and gives gibberingly mental coverage of issues like the 'cybrids' embryo research.

This was a really good piece, and if I saw Ceri, I'd buy her a drink (and not only because she shares a name with someone I used to be hopelessly in unrequited love with). Although 'a chain-saw passing through warm butter' is not the way to renovate a cliche. 'Now, I want a little butter; I'm very lazy; what would be the easiest way to slice a bit off without, say, splattering it all over the wallpaper? Oh yes, I know...[R-VRRMMMM...]'

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