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I suppose, on our common cultural imaginative spectrum, we don't have anything more towards the rational extreme than a human being. And certainly nothing more unambiguously admirable in its sheer rationality than a human being, anyway.

It's easy enough for a Christian apologist, playing to the crowd, to invoke an angel for the associations of both virtue and insight that that brings ('how like an angel in apprehension' - quibble with punctuation if you wish...). Angels have the 'rational' thing, but it's inextricably tied up with the 'godly' thing, rendering it - how to put it...? - fucking worthless for an atheist in the present situation. So where's the creative rhetorician on the sceptics' side to go?

Besides, these flights of fancy, for all their rabble-rousing bonus points, don't give an ounce (or a pard (sorry, sorry)) of real weight to an argument. Shit's shit whether it's got wings and a halo or not.

Sun, 16 Mar 2008 18:00:00 UTC | #137380