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The "unforgivable sin" passage can be used in arguments with religious people. The misogynistic, homophobic, authoritarian aspects of Christianity are often based on a selective approach to reading the bible. We've all seen how some Christians quote particular passages of Leviticus for example, while ignoring the hundreds of other proscriptions in that same book.

This reflects a tendency for the relgious to justify their own prejudices by blaming them on their God (the "I don't have any problem with homosexuals, but God says it's wrong" attitude).

I've suggested to several Christians who profess this type of belief that they had better be pretty certain they are right. For if they really are blaming their God for their own intolerance then this could well be what the passage in Mark is referring to when he talks about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

The almost universally hostile reaction that this provokes suggests that it touches a nerve.

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