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Another irritating pile of feces for the 'fleas' to snack on.

There is so much to pick apart from this drivel. Skipping the obvious assertions that atheists are responsible for more deaths then theists (this one's old and tired), I'll pick just a few others:

Yet science has insurmountable limits. It cannot answer empirical questions about the origins of the universe, for instance.
But religion can?!?! So, why is a made-up answer better then no answer at all?!

If reason can explain everything, why can't it explain where things come from?
'Reason' CAN explain where things come from. We've already shown, for example, how the heavier elements came from the lighter elements via fusion in stars. Of course, there are hundreds more examples, but why bother? These people will never take the time to read the complex subject matter. 'God did it' is just so much easier.

Moral laws have changed less over the millennia than the recognized laws of physics and mathematics

WTF???!!! That has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever heard. The mathematical laws have never changed! They are the cornerstone of all understanding. The laws of physics haven't changed either, they've only been enhanced (ie. Newton/Einstein on gravity). BUT, "moral law" changes almost daily... courts review/reinterpret law, governments pass new ones, and even the Catholic Chuch just passed a new set of sins!!!

Atheism cannot reach our hearts. A rigorous atheist cannot console in a time of grief, cannot explain love, cannot sigh in happy wonder at life's endless surprises. He can only utter, "What is, is."
This is perhaps the most disgusting part of this diatribe. These people simply cannot fathom the idea of life without their sky daddy! Why can't we "console in a time of grief" or "sigh in happy wonder at life's endless surprises"? I have been to many funerals, expressed my condolences, and cried with the family. 'God' was not ever mentioned! I am constantly in 'happy wonder' as new discoveries are made!

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