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I seriously needed compazine to even make it 2/3rds of the way through this piece of apologetic drivel.

Did you all find that, at nearly every "point" that he made, that you wanted to interject and force him to reply?

"Such invective clings like chewing gum to atheist polemics and raises the question of why these people are so worked up about a creator they don't believe exists."

Um, perhaps because the followers of this god are responsible for keeping enclaves of our society in the dark ages and hindering scientific progress by brainwashing their litters of children into the same delusion about a sky fairy?

"So when atheists invoke natural law standards, they embrace the Creator they most wish to deny."

Lies. The creators of this religion would have made tree ornaments out of my testicles if I had attempted to explain such "natural law standards" back in the day.

"He (D'Souza) describes how Christian principles of free choice and human dignity laid the groundwork for democratic political systems built on inalienable human rights."

How does D'Souza continue to get away with this ridiculous lie? When he printed a version of this comment in USA Today, I almost swore off newspapers forever. When D'Souza speaks, I literally get nauseous. Someone that stupid should not be making more money than I do.

"Religious faith is not in opposition to reason."

If you ever needed someone to say something that let you know they will forever lack the intellectual weapons to spar with you... that sentence should remove all doubt.

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