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I must be getting old. Even reading the transcript didn't help. Perhaps wooter could translate?


There are all sorts of clever references to pivotal points in the reason vs faith wars.

The discussion about worldview among Greek philosophers.
Willam Palleys "Divine Watchmaker".
Darwins journey to the Gallapagos.
Huxley kicking Bishop Wilberforces ass.
The Scopes trial.
The unstoppable rise of science and reason, most recently personified by Dawkins "posse" PZ, Harris, Hitchens, Dennett and Eugenie Scott.

It's parody sure, but the overall message seems to be pro science. The heaviest exaggeration is for the business with scientists being expelled. The "machine" is real, it is the scientific method which has become as inexorable as evolution itself. If you spout bullshit, you WILL eventually be expelled, because your more grounded and sensible peers will no longer see you as a valuable or useful collaborator. However, if thats a conspiracy so is basic human nature.

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