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hmcook87 - Yes!

I guiltily enjoyed that. On the surface of it, its anti-science/'New Atheism' position is tripe. But it's so well done, with so much attention to detail, so many little jokes - it just displays more care and wit than any of the usual (careless and witless) attempts at pro-religious satire.

Maybe we're all just flattering ourselves in thinking 'If they're canny enough to make a slick video like this, they must be on "our side" really'. It's genuinely hard to tell - the whole thing's so steeped in irony that you can't say for sure which 'level' it stops at - who's spoofing whom.

Like Richard, it reminds me of South Park, but for a different reason. South Park will gleefully savage both sides of an argument, grabbing its laughs from satirising all camps. You can't say for sure who is supposed to be the butt of this joke, but you can appreciate the execution of it, and you can be willing to laugh at yourself. The people who fall foul of this kind of satire are those who get uppity about the whole thing and either dismiss it all as rubbish (it is well done, even if it isn't to everyone's taste) or take serious offence to it.

You gotta take it on the chin like Bobby De Niro...

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