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Rev Dark: Well written. And: my sympathy for you, and family.

annabanana which sense of the word is Yahweh perfect?

Exactly so. The idea is absurd.

al rawandi
It is like he doesn't want us to believe in him at all.

Yes. There are a couple of lines in David Hare's version of Brecht's The Life of Galileo that put it quite well:

BARBERINI: [...] You like simple movements perhaps because you yourselves have simple brains. But what if God had chosen to make his stars move like this?

(He makes an elaborate track with his finger at uneven speeds)

GALILEO: Your Eminence, if God had constructed the world like that...

(He repeats the track)

Then he would have constructed our brains like that...

(He repeats it again)

So that it would have appeared simple.

If there is a lack of evidence for God, then God is either absent, hiding, or so incompetent as to misunderstand how his creations reason. Few people believe in a bungling deity and absence is the atheists' position. A theist, then, is either hiding some gem of evidence that we could all do with looking at, or reckons him/herself to be better at Hide and Seek than God. 'Ours is a hidden god' - pull the other one.

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