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7. Comment #151554 by DamnDirtyApe on March 29, 2008 at 1:13 am

'...Wow, and I never knew about pogrom...'

You would have if you had read Martin Gilbert's three volume 'History of the 20th Century' anybody would think he had a mission in this as he describes pogroms so often that other events are lightly treated or missed, including momentous occurrences in both WW1 and WW2.

Back on topic.

Well done PZ. Spot on as ever.

I looked here after having read his post on Pharyngula first.

Interesting proof that evolution is still occurring and with a story involving Oxford UK.

The rat population is increasing due mostly to fast food and associated wasteful habits by humans and the lack of 'joined-up-thinking' by those in charge, or rather who should be in charge, of controlling the waste problem.

It would appear that a 'super-rat' has evolved that has an extra gene showing up on tests that increases resistance to the usual poison used for rodent control - an anti-coagulant (Warfarin). One expert understands the position very well by pointing out that increasing the use of the poisoned bate will cause selection pressure in favour of the mutant rat.

Oxford is not alone with this problem.

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