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← Iowa county board gives initial OK for ghost hunters to investigate asylum

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Maybe staring at corn for too long has some strange affect on people's mind.

Could be something to that. Heard or read the other day some researcher's thoughts on how big, open environments might play havoc with your mind's hazard detection kit, leading you to 'detect' the presence of threats or companions where there are none, and then to interpret this 'presence' in supernatural terms. Don't know whether there's anything to this idea (I think it was mentioned in the context of Jesus' sojourn into the desert).

One the reliability of the ghost hunters' detection equipment, I suggest a simple test. If they come back with evidence of Carl Sagan's dragon, the kit works. I'm sure the dragon will be there.

On which note: Richard Morgan, you're joking, of course. You already have the perfect script:

I guarantee they'll pick that up.

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