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I was just telling a colleague today how compelling Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book Infidel is and her response was that people are racist when they say Islam treats women badly and that it's only the Fundamentalists who do that sort of thing, if anyone at all actually does. I felt I was being called racist, and that I should feel duped, and this from an educated New Yorker. It seems hopeless when I hear comments like that. I don't know what's happened to the New York democrats who used to be completely against this kind of torture, intolerance, and oppression.
And the British should not be patting themselves on the back. Just have a gander at the Slate story on the Archbishop of Canterbury's belief that British Muslims should be allowed to rule their own, superseding British law.
People are thoroughly convinced that it's wrong to object to any behavior whatsoever, that it's somehow bigotry. What a bind the world is in. If Muslim women don't complain, people outside the Muslim world don't believe what goes on; if they do complain, they don't survive. And if they don't complain, the outside world can justify its hands-off policy, maintaining that as long as members of a group are in agreement, they should be allowed to practice whatever traditions they like.
We've got to take back freedom of speech and use it for what is was meant for: to prevent oppression and expose tyranny, not to give license to anyone who wants to cloak themselves in religion so that they can violate the basic human rights of others.

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