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As a stand up comedian (occasionally) i have in the past done material on religions and each time whether it is christianity or islam or any others i have been greeted with laughter at he time and criticism afterwards. one guy pulled me up, outside the gig, after i had done a sketch on some alternative ten commandments and asked me why i hated god and had to be taken away by his girlfriend. so i can tell you from first hand information that it seems pepople are still 'hard wired' to be very uncomfortable when you criticise or make fun of any religion.
it also depends on the level of the joke; if you make a joke about trying to buy a church to turn it into a block of flats you get a polite laugh, if you call god a paedophile for symbolically marrying millions of seven year old girls every year you get a shocked 'how dare you' silence and deep intake of breath.
britain has a long history of being able to make fun of its institutions, including the church but i beleive they 'allowed it' as long as they continued to be a powerful institution, as they are now losing their power they are beginning to panic and react badly to any criticism.
as for Islam, their reaction to humour is simple, 'we've decided that it's not acceptable so you can't do it, discussion over, if you continue to do it we'll react violently. people are rightly afraid of violence and as such are becoming cowed into suppressing their right to criticise. i firmly beleive that the more an institution denies you the right to do something, especially when it is part of a global strategy of world domination then the more we should stand up in the clubs, on radio, inprint and on television and make them realise, we know how stupid you are, and we're not afraid to tell the world.
Comedy is the only medium where you can genuinly say what you really think and go that little bit further with criticising those who think they are untouchable, long live comedy.

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