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Enter Richard Dawkins. Dawkins, a prominent evolutionist, outspoken atheist and the bestselling author of The God Delusion, is featured throughout the film. In one segment, he sits down with Stein for a heart-to-heart. After dancing around several pointed questions about how life began, Dawkins finds himself at a logical impasse with no surplus of sci-fi rhetoric. He's finally forced to concede that, indeed, an intelligent being may have created life on earth. However, that being could not have been "God," but rather, it must have been some organic, alien life form. Of course, that alien life form has to have been a product of "Darwinian evolution."

Through tears of wild laughter, audience members watch as Dawkins â€" apparently grasping the dizzying nature of his own circular argument â€" turns three shades of red and becomes purply tight-lipped.

Dawkins? ... Dawkins? ...

But apart from space aliens, the general consensus among the evolutionary scientists interviewed was that all life, including human life, likely began when lightening struck a mud puddle (you know, like Frankenstein but without all the prefab body parts). This was then followed by a series of unexplainable, unprovable and totally random events which occurred over umpteen million years, eventually resulting in ... you.


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