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From what I remember of A-level Biology, the chances of these two videos being similar by merit of coincidence alone is about as unlikely as an invisible sky-man creating the Universe. A Eukaryotic cell is a tangled mess of interacting systems and structural components that make the clear observation of a single system (such as vesicle transportation along structural proteins) impossible.

The claim that the two animations were made by separate teams becomes all the more improbable when the level of Scientific knowledge displayed by the IDiot camp are considered. Anyone who feels the need to refer to Biological processes in terms of Divine control, and who presents a system of Protein Synthesis without including Ribosomes clearly lacks the ability to create such an animation. Whilst some aspects of the animation are divergent (colour of the vesicle, camera angles used, image quality etc.) there is a level of similarity at work here far beyond mere inspiration.

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 13:23:00 UTC | #151265