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Geoff, I (hopefully marginally legibly) said "cute. Snake legs are cute". Though I'm certain I got the structure wrong.

My Japanese is pathetic, though I'm learning. Snakes are one of the animals of the zodiac, I know them, and I know the body parts. So I thought I'd attempt a sentence.

Raiko, I can't read a single Kanji symbol. I'm going to work on learning to speak Japanese before I work on learning to read it. I am extremely envious if you can read Kanji. There is a huge score of manga I'd love to be reading right now. It is the reason I want to learn Japanese, so I don't have to wait years after something comes out in english. Besides that, what you wrote didn't even come off properly, it looks like nonsense symbols to me "蛇の足ãÅ'かわいいですãÅ'、無益な足も思える。" . Otherwise I could have attempted to run it through a translator, though that likely wouldn't have worked, because I don't know how to seperate the words either. I haven't even attempted to learn anything about Kanji yet.

Curious, what did you say?

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