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Fried Griskard, I just noticed your imput, and I don't understand most of it. I think you are disagreeing with me, and saying that you don't think that snake legs are cute in the first part. I have no glue what the second thing you are saying is, I think it ends with asking if I understand. Which I don't..sumimasen. I understand the words watashi, as the most formal version of "I". Kawaiku nai to mean "note cute" and omoimasu to mean "I think". I thought that "wa" was used when refering to people, and "ga" used when refering to things...or is "wa" also used when refering to animals as well?

I'm incredibly knew to learn it. Which I'm sure you must have picked up from my inaccurate sentene.

Hi Mitchell
In the brackets I just made the not very witty remark that hereabouts everyone understands Japanese.

[Since you are just starting out, I can't resist giving a little advice I wish I'd had when I was starting. {This is way off the topic of this thread so I'll keep it short} Do yourself a favor and go to
and start learning the kanji now at an easy rate of five or ten a day (while continuing your normal studies). It is not necessary to understand any Japanese to get through this stage, and by the time you are ready to start reading, 2000 or more kanji will already be familiar friends. Because I had no-one to give me this advice when I was starting out I had to put my Japanese studies on hold for months when I wanted to start reading just to get through this time consuming, exhausting and BORING task. Good luck with your studies.]

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