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This one, linked to originally by Barry Pearson, seems to have the most detail.

It's all worth reading, but the religion part starts at around page 30.

Some quotes:

Some participants focused on the role of religion in politics arguing that "we should not be making any political or educational decisions based on religion". One person criticised the fact that there are faith representatives in the House of Lords, but a more common complaint surrounded the influence of religion in education. For example, citing religion as a social evil, one participant went on to say that "children should be taught to derive their conclusions from evidence and logic, not the ravings of deluded idiots". Another criticised the fact that "religious doctrinaires [are] increasing their grip on the UK education system with government support".

Some people saw religion as a social evil because it "undermines social cohesion" and is "a force for separating people". Participants also felt that religion can actively encourage intolerance, towards some groups in particular: "Faith in supernatural phenomena inspires hatred and prejudice throughout the world, and is commonly used as justification for continued persecution of women, gays and people who do not have faith".

Several participants felt that the irrationality of religion is so clear that our tolerance of it is unjustified: "The idea that a person can believe a proposition to be true in spite of no supporting evidence, and even in spite of evidence to the contrary, is something that should not be automatically granted respect, but treated with contempt".

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