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I am a christian, I believe in God and that the Bible is a representation of absolute truth. I choose to be so not because I was spoonfed these ideals, but because at some point in the past I made a careful decision based on independent observations. To be dismissed as "weak-minded" or "stupid" for holding to heart a set of absolute principles, I find quite amusing, given my own background and contributions to genetics and oncology, as well as the courage to go against the grain of societal pressure. Many commenting on this issue are not philosophically inclined. Most cannot even challenge the precepts they've internalised since early childhood through a liberalist education and media. The reactions below almost mimic coping patterns, and are quite predictable; seven or eight years or so back I would probably have done the same.

Jim, London, UK

Be interesting to have him come here....

Sun, 20 Apr 2008 14:59:00 UTC | #156582