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God is a very bad explanation for anything....and more so now that we know a few more things. That being said, we don't know very much about the universe (or universes), quantum mechanics, branes and perhaps a million things not even thought of. Arguing about aliens and alien life is pretty much in that category...who knows how far intelligence can evolve and what will define our reality a million years from now if we are even still here? Certainly in the 12th century, jumbo jets were not a part of human consciousness.
I am sure there's much more that isn't in ours at present...we can't even lift ourselves out primitive warfare yet, an attribute the sponge evolved millions of years ago and we, like the sponge, can't yet shake off. Science is the best we have because it doesn't claim to have the truth so much as it continues to search for it.....only religion claims to know it all and by closer examination, ends up knowing very little. I hope science doesn't fall into the same trap filling in the so-called gaps with pseudoscience..prentending to know something, using scienific jargon to explain it and NOT having the evidence (at least non-biased evidence) to support it. As to the future? Well, there's evidence that the butterfly remembers being a caterpillar but no evidence that a caterpillar knows it's going to be a butterfly. We can't "know" until we do "know". By the way, if one thinks that life is "fuzzy", consciousness is even more so.....even caterpillar consciousness!

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