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Stockholm Syndrome & the spread or reinforcement of religion

Watching that news report last week of the boy from Missouri found after missing for 5 years thanks to luck and police work and not a miracle (US news reports) made me wonder about why he didn't simply go home. It seemed that he had a cell phone and mobility and surely there isn't a parent out there who has not taught their children to memorize name, address and phone number. Some of the psychoanalysis of the mindset of the captive suggests that the captor uses terror to spook the mind of the child implanting in them the belief that their parents aren't looking for them and don't care that they are gone.

This then seems to be the effect of imposing religion on young minds through the use of terror. Stories of hell fire, damnation and threats of a violent, monstrous invisible man loosing his temper and condemning children to eternal misery after death are extremely mean and cruel yet illustrate why it is so hard for kids to quit religious early childhood brain washing. The fact that the parents are ignorant and have only thought through eliminating tales of enchantment like Cinderella etc. but can't realize and let go of the religious ones is the primary cause of generational religious manipulation.

Religion offers dangerous ideologies and superstitions and like sex and alcohol should be off limits to children. I do not support banning anything when it comes to consenting adults though.

There is no reason to either respect religion or to allow superstition peddlers to continue manipulation of the emotionally immature or influence governments.
The Stockholm Syndrome by definition describes the behaviour of kidnap victims who, over time, become sympathetic to their captors.

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