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Does turning water into urine count as a miracle? I mean, there are people who claim it has health benefits, so it's almost a healing miracle.
If so, I've been doing the miraculous for years.

You could have vastly increased your production of therapeutic urine by drinking a potent diuretic such as wine. This is why the water-to-wine miracle is potentially of enormous benefit - if only it could be replicated.

God, the inspiration behind the bible was only tricking, as she often does, in declaring that shelfish are unclean. She is reinforcing the fact that shellfish have shit in the head to put us off eating them. This has nothing to do with the potentially devastating effects of turning oceans into holy water.
surely that counts as a little miraculous?

The co-evolution of grapes and yeast is miraculous (for a creationist) and wonderous (for an atheist) but "a little miraculous" is a category mistake.

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