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roach paraphased, "...but I believed in God and Jesus so when I die I go to Heaven. Great. But knowing that millions (billions?) of people are being punished and tortured for eternity in the fires of hell and knowing that there is absolutely nothing I could do to help them wouldn't be Heaven. To me, that would be Hell."

Xians 'think' they got that aspect covered. They have tried in their friendly, concerned, and helpingly meddling way to ensure that each and every one of god's subjects had an equal chance to escape hell. Since the loyal followers of religious superstitions are just human, that is an impossible task, so they are bound to fail. So not only will they have to endure the torture during their earthly lives trying to grapple with the contrary tenets of their religious superstitions and have to endure being intimately close with a vicious god for all eternity if they managed to succeed to satisfy this atrocious god, they will also have to endure knowing that fellow humans are roasting in hell for all eternity at the same time. Certainly not an enviable position to be in.

Sun, 21 Jan 2007 04:47:00 UTC | #16468