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Thankfully, I listened to the ad free version. Dawkins rocked as usual, and to those who say the creationists questions are as thin as they are lame, spot on. But what choice do they have?

The nutjob Christians run colleges that teach the lamest apologetic hooey and do their best to confuse philosophy with science. These people are not, by nature, independent thinkers, so it's no surprise they lob the same tedious nonsense time after time.

Something I think the group ought to consider is that evolution itself doesn't really have a position on creation itself. There is no TRUE contradiction between the two and most western religions acknowledge this. The five percent of Christian nutjobs who have managed to seize our ship of state are in a minority. When Christian Zealots run as Christian Zealots in this country they get 5% of the vote. The other 95% of Christians are almost under hostage in the same way the athiests are right now. Moderate Christians have been marginalized and fear of nonconformity has kept them silent enough to allow the warmongering god freaks at the helm to run amok. Proof they've overstepped their bounds and become smugly overconfident is hitting the theaters now. Expelled will be pointed to as an iconic example of how far religious hubris was allowed to progress in our society.

Here's where it gets interesting though, and where Dawkins gets the most heat. Dawkins is not only pro evolution, he's anti religion. God bless him for that. And Sam Harris also shares his disdain for all things religious. For the record, so do I. While I truly applaud Dawkins for bitch slapping religion, I wonder if, while advancing the athiest cause, he might be hurting the advancement of the evolutionary argument? There are still enough 'moderate' Christians (as well as other religious types) who will take such offense to his position on religion that they wouldn't believe him if he stated the sky was blue. An ad hominem blackout so to speak.

I enjoy a good religious bitch slapping as much as the next guy. The term relish comes to mind, but I'm not sure my primal motivations are the best way to implement the overall enlightenment strategy we probably all agree on.


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