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Ugh, what terrifying drivel. I've seen these things littering the subway station on occasion. And I live in the enlightened Northeast! I've often thought about printing off a rebuttal cartoon lampooning someone who found one of these tracts and took it seriously. Like showing how they ruined part of their life because of it. I nearly blew my college education because of BS peddlers like the campus crusade for christ.

I couldn't read the whole thing; it was causing a physical reaction (stomach turning).

Two things caught my eye though:

1. He felt the need to define the word 'relative' in a footnote. (A comic with footnotes!) Says something about the intended audience.

2. Upon hearing the Adam and Eve story, the boy asks the girl 'Where did you get such a ridiculous story?' She answers, 'From God.' So, if her parents brought her to the church of the FSM and filled her with that, would she respond 'from the FSM'?

Sat, 03 May 2008 17:48:00 UTC | #165975