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I find it difficult to believe that humans did not actively war against Neanderthals and other species that would have been competing for resources in the refugia.

It's the clear propensity for warfare by humans today that perpetuates this idea that early human populations may have clashed with Neanderthal (in fact our nearest living relative, the chimp, also engages in organized warfare if I'm not mistaken). The trouble is that there is no physical evidence to support a clash.
Early humans had a good tool kit for hunting and slaughtering and this is evident in the fossilised mammal bones left behind near their camps; evidence of butchering and the like.
But there is no sign of a clash between Saps and Neanderthal in the same way.

It's also important not to project such things with so many creation minded people mis-interpreting the suppositions of scientists these days. Many claim that dinosaures and humans have coexisted but clearly there is no sign of slaughter and butcher with dino bones either.

No evidence is no evidence

Sat, 03 May 2008 18:26:00 UTC | #165984