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I thought the interview was okay. Much better than most TV interviews in fact. I had the impression that she knew basically what the Professor is about, and she set him up with "provocative" questions so he could explain his views. Maybe I'm giving her too much credit, but I think it's better to let someone comment on "Many people believe homosexuality is a sin" than using the Charlie Rose method of answering every question himself before actually asking it.

Oh, and:

maybe you should visit the beautiful country of my birth, see a couple of camps and documentations yourself. There's gonna be photos of at least a couple of tens of thousands of corpses (as much as anyone can take in a single sitting), a lot of quite evil-looking infrastructure (think Hostel), eye witness accounts, etc. It's quite interesting, in a scary-as-hell kind of way. Whatever you might have been lead to believe, it's not Club Med.
Then, please feel free to report back and tell us how these are not extermination camps and who built them for what reason. Maybe then you can go on a quest to find the Aliens who abducted Elvis.

Also, have a look around here:

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