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#37: Exquisite Truth: "People in more enlightened regions have no idea how ubiquitous faith and religion are in this region."

Indeed, I've been harping about that on this site for some time. I live in rural Virginia and I think that the outlook is quite grim. Yes, truth/reality may triumph eventually, but not necessarily before the U.S. goes down in flames.

The fundies long ago realized that the most effective way to retain their economic/political power (which is really all they care about), is to focus their energies on 1) childhood indoctrination via homeschooling, 2) proselytizing in developing countries (eg, China, Africa), and 3) creating a cradle-to-grave alternate society (Christian universities, Christian "scientific" journals, Christian TV and radio, Christian banks, Christian phone companies, etc, etc). They've been incredibly successful doing all these things.

These people have a LOT of motivation and money ... and guns. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Thu, 08 May 2008 19:11:00 UTC | #168175