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Irate, naturally there is physical evidence only for physical phenomena. If you require of texts arguing in favour of dualism that they produce physical evidence for non-physical properties then, needless to say, you will not find a shred of such evidence, and if you did it would refute the thesis that it is put forward as supporting. We are talking about inference to the best explanation. And, from that point of view, the position defended by CS Lewis, as explained by Reppert, is perfectly reasonable.

1. No belief is justified if it can be fully explained as the result of nonrational causes.

2. If naturalism is true then all beliefs can be fully explained in terms of nonrational causes.

3. Therefore, if naturalism is true no belief is rationally inferred.

4. If any thesis entails the conclusion that no belief is rationally inferred, thn it should be rejected and its denial accepted.

5. Therefore materialism should be rejected and its denial accepted.

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