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Today, when some believer tries to pass off substance dualism, they are stung by philosophical antibodies in a gang-up. I can't help but be pleased.

Quine I realise that substance dualism is out of favour with materialist philosophers, and, given the paradigm shift since Hume in particular, enjoys little credibilty in philosophy departments as a whole. But I think you will find that it will not go away so easily. There have been some robust defences of it recently. The problem with it is, of course, that it is incompatible with a materialistic conception of the human being, which is the real reason why most academics, committed a priori to naturalism as they are, will not even engage with it. CS Lewis mounted a stringent defence of it in the 40s, but it has gained in sophistication and in explanatory power since then.

Mon, 12 May 2008 10:24:00 UTC | #169862