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MPhil, I reckoned that was what you were referring to. I would like to read your paper. I am a Christian parent, and know a lot of other Christian parents. Christian parents in my experience do not subject their kids to threats of eternal damnation unless they behave in a particular way. That indeed would be psychological abuse and manipulation. But do you really believe that parents who sincerely transmit their faith in God to their kids, striving to embody and exemplify God's love and goodness towards them and towards other people (friends, guests in their home etc.) are guilty of indoctrination and mental torture? Naturally we hope that our children will embrace our beliefs. But (in my experience) there is not and cannot be any kind of manipulation or emotional pressure. I'm not denying that it happens in some cases, but it contradicts the whole thrust of Scripture, which is respectful of the will of every human being to orient his or her life towards God or away from Him. When we choose the latter we are choosing our own destiny. God does not force a relationship with Him on anyone, either in this life or beyond.

Mon, 12 May 2008 10:36:00 UTC | #169868