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MPhil, I know nothing of the Jesus Camp. I have seen something of the Baby Bible Bashers, and what I have seen of it makes me cringe. But I don't know anything about how they came to be doing that. I don't know if they were manipulated and indoctrinated into doing it. I can't say whether any "child abuse" was involved.

Quine what do you mean "through adherence to old myths". If you are talking about belief in historic Christianity then any of the kind of stuff you are talking about is out of synch with how Jesus treated people. The cults and sects you mention, with people threatened and tortured to keep them in the cult, and to keep them in line, are deviations and distortions. Jim Jones, for example, in a documentary I saw, at one point threw the Bible down and said "you don't need this any more. I am the word of the prophet". It was not long after that that the tragic collective suicide ensued.

Mon, 12 May 2008 11:46:00 UTC | #169902