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The Catholic church is evolving. They know they're not going to win youths over in an increasingly secular Europe with ideas that glaringly contradict science, so they're changing God into this vague, undisprovable thing that has less and less association with the Bible. The bible stories are increasingly non-literal, and they don't promote reading the bible for yourself in the way protestant churches might. They retain the silly things they stand for like the sanctity of human life(even when it's just one cell), but overall, this is just a step towards a vague 'modern' idea of God that allows them to retain credibility in a society that can easily reject the religions that don't move with the times.

It'll be it's own downfall in the end though. Being vague means that it won't impose it's own view, allowing people to learn science, reason and critical thinking for themselves, which are what kill even the deist God.

(I mention Europe specifically because that's where the real battle is. Converting africans doesn't require strong memes, it requires priests bringing aid along with sermons).

Tue, 13 May 2008 15:20:00 UTC | #170594