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Interesting read. I found a lot of JL's points really weak though. When RD says 'That's tough' about evolutionary bio making us feel less special or unique(or whatever) and JL says 'That's not good enough for us anymore' and starts going on about touchy-feely nonsense I think the discussion sank a few levels.

Evolution isn't there to make anyone feel better or worse, it just is. At least that's always been my view.

Re: Stereoroid
My little brother was a skateboarder and one of his friends was grinding down a rail, slipped and burst one of his boys upon splitting himself on the rail. I guess it bleed a lot and he was rushed to the hospital. If I remember correctly the other testicle was fine but I *think* the other one was lost (although I don't remember with certainty). Lol, maybe that's why we have two, one's a backup :D

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