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... but another thing that the religions do is give comfort to people if they lose people in car accidents or to cancer and so on, and as far as I've experienced it, the scientific view cannot give people this kind of comfort ...

Apart from the fact that science does provide means to reduce the number of people lost to car accidents , cancer and so on, religions might not be so comforting or consoling at all. They very often attribute bad things happening to misbehavior of the victims, their surroundings or so (New Orleans being inundated due to a gay actress ?!) A mother, having lost a child, might think the devil is after her and her family, and may live in fear onwards.
One might invent a religion whose basic tenets may be that the more one suffers, the better the promised afterlife will be and so on. The ultimate comfort and consolation ? This religion should be called 'Insanity'.

Thu, 15 May 2008 01:34:00 UTC | #171285