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'There's a lot of people who would like to go on a trip to the Holy Lands,' he [Bar-Tur] says, 'but only a small percentage do, and that's because of time, money and fear,' he says. 'The idea is that people could come to the park and see a lot of similar ideas and recreations that you would see.'

From what I gather from my sad pre-occupation with religious television programming in the U.S., the tour business is a very important part of the revenue stream. Almost all of the major televangelists offer all-inclusive tours of the Holy Land, many of them several times a year. While they may not make tons off the tour itself, I'd guess the real money is made in a continuing relationship with the purchaser.

By repeatedly emphasizing in their typical advertisement just how safe a Middle-Eastern tour can be, the televangelists inadvertently call into mind just how much this is a concern for the typical American traveler. This new theme park seems to be an attempt to exploit that fear and the growing number of "boomer" tourists by reconstructing the Holy Land closer to home.

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