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HAHA, let them have a little fun. I'm not sure how kids are going to react when instead of mickey mouse they see St. Paul or David.

Would they let little kids hurl stones with slingshots and some steel giant Goliath?

You know as a fantasy world this appeals to me, even as an athiest. Remember kids, none of it is real.

I would agree with this... except that this is where the problem lies. The distinction between reality and fantasy is getting more and more blurred for kids (and uneducated adults).

Truth/lies (damn lies and statistics)

No wonder people are so terrified about uncertainty that they want to base their lives on "unchanging" dogma.

Don't forget too... many of the kids taken to this park will be home-schooled. For all anyone knows, they are going to be told they are "going to where Jesus lived"!

Sad... very, very sad.

Thu, 15 May 2008 21:08:00 UTC | #171636