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I was kicking myself for not going to James Randi's TAM in Las Vegas a few years ago when Dawkins was there. I thought it might be my best chance to see him speak...maybe ever. So I was ecstatic when I found out he was not only coming to Tempe, but tickets were free!

I had no idea how many people would be fans/supporters and how many would be there to see the guy their church friends have told them is evil incarnate.

My answer came when the host announced that it was the largest crowd Dawkins' largest audience ever. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Nearly everyone I could see was clapping enthusiastically.

I enjoyed the talk very much even though I had read/heard everything many times before in TGD, on the website, or through other skeptical/atheist links.

The only negative about the size of the crowd was the line to meet Richard after the talk. I had hoped to get either TGD or "Ancestor's Tale" signed, and would have waited for hours without complaint. But the line...I couldn't even SEE him, and it seemed clearly impossible for him to move through all these people.

Even if he was willing to stay, I was sure it would take many hours for Dawkins to get through all those people. I wanted very much to shake the man's hand, but didn't want to keep him up until 6am just for that.

It was very encouraging to find out there were so many Dawkins readers/fans here in Tempe/Phoenix. I had no idea.

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