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Typical! Shithead actually believes he is using logic when the evidence shows he is using nothing of the kind. Typical!

Over the past few months it has become painfully clear it is impossible to have any kind of dialogue or conversation with someone who can only relate with those who believe the same nonsense he believes.

Shithead is merely an extreme and inarticulate example of what we face out in the real world. The denial of reality, the denigration of reason, the humiliation of human achievement; all to be replaced by the hallelujah chorus, to respect that which should never be respected: lies, distortions, incompetent rubbish.

These people do believe they have the answers to issues which it is obvious religion or dogma has caused.

A girl is starved to death in Birmingham and I have heard it postulated this has happened because we have no faith. England has long been a mainly secular country and this has not happened to my recollection for many, many years. Communities normally would know if someone was being mistreated or something was wrong and the authorities would be called. Maybe I'm being nostalgic but maybe nosey neighbours rather than faithful abusers should come back in vogue.

There are heavy rains and some cleric decides it's because God is punishing our tolerance of homosexuality amongst other 'evils'.

And yet another muslim convert blows something up ?quot; this time in Exeter - because he feels sorry about the way muslims are being treated, apparently.

Yet nowhere have the faithful stopped to think about the sensible and rational ways of ensuring these problems are addressed and solved.

Irrespective of what we may want to believe, religion has contributed nothing to the development of mankind. It is only the intelligent and creative exploits of man which has done so, not an absurd obsession with the notion that an intelligent and creative imaginary figure is responsible for everything. Scientific, medical, organisational innovations abound and still the faithhead believes his dubious contribution entitles him to control, dominate and bully.

Yes, this is what we are up against. I don't see any way of stopping them from destroying everything mankind has achieved.

People with nothing to add to any conversation about anything want to add their two pence worth to discussions without even attempting to throw off the mental chains and limitations which accompany a mindless acceptance of fairy tales as life skills.

No, they simply want to impose that same set of fantasies and when competently challenged run away and hide behind the lunacy of the ancient texts they mistake for truth.

These people are not intereste in engaging. They merely want you to believe what they believe and if challenged for evidence simply quote one of their many lunatic texts or ask you to 'respect' what they want you to believe without question.

Respect is something that must be earned and the religious do not feel they have any need to earn it. Really??

The west has had a tradition of tolerance for many centuries. It is as transparent and as accountable as anything that has ever existed. Formal and informal education, information and entertainment has been available en masse for over a century and with further technical and product innovation will become a boon to everyone's life.

The faithful want to take us back to the days even before yore. It is frightening to think we can have people like this making decisions for the public given their complete dread of dealing with reality.

The more I read this site and read the views of many others, the clearer it is becoming that this relationship between faith and reason will not work. The more I believe we are on the losing end in spite of the fact that all the reason, all the evidence and all of the productive, creative intelligence and experience is with us.

Reason needs evidence and faith is afraid of facts the way it is afraid of everything else. Empiricism and logic lay faith to waste. Faith does not want to leave centre stage just yet.

Next time, it may not be a café in Exeter that gets blown up. Next time it could be Birmingham city centre or the middle of London or Edinburgh with something a little more powerful.

Convincing these people that acceptance of reality is the only way forward seems as elusive as getting evidence for their beliefs. We all know how difficult that is.

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