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One of my cats is very sneaky and plots to escape when I open the patio door to feed the cats outside. He'll walk casually when I'm looking at him but as soon as I take my eyes off him, he sneaks around the TV entertainment center and waits for the door to open and makes a calculated run for it.

He's been outside a lot in the past but too much trouble with parasites and injuries led me to keep him inside.

Many people like to think of how different humans are from animals but there are many more similarities. Who can honestly say that they find more differences between humans and monkeys than they do similarities?

Let's face it, intelligence is not a good separator between humans and monkeys since there are some monkeys that are more intelligent than some humans. (e.g. Ben Stein) And, better looking! (e.g. Ben Stein)

- Dave

Fri, 23 May 2008 15:08:00 UTC | #174754