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Ms Anonymous. I offer you my condolences as I know that one never really gets over the loss of a loved-one. My parents died in 1995. I am now 66 and still miss my father. My mother was a bigotted Roman Catholic and died in a state of Dementia. The trauma of living with her in those times killed me. No joke I suffered a heart attack in 1999 and was DOA on arrival at the hospital.
I have a great fondness for airplanes and pilots. I also follow NASA very closely. My three most horrible moments were the loss of the APOLLO I crew on the launch pad, especially Gus Grissom who I admired and still do. Then there was the Challenger and Columbia disasters. I believe strongly in NASA and the Manned Space Program and hate the attitude of Geo.Dubya Bush and Congress towards the funding of NASA.

I manage an MSN Group Militant Atheist Materialists
I hope you approve of my action. I have posted your story on my Group. If you have any objection notify me and I will remove it immediately. However I find that there are many stories like yours and I think they all should be published somehow. I am Australian and, although the majority of the population is Christian, we do not suffer the extreme religious bigotry that occures in what I now call the "United Christian States of America" I have followed all the efforts of Christian Fundamentalists to have "Creation" taught as "Intelligent Design" alongside the true scientific facts of Evolution. I have all the court transcripts of the famous Scopes "Monkey" Trial in TN in 1925. I also have all the details of the Dover Trial.

All the best to you.

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