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Does anyone remember that crow video that was posted the other day, showing the crow in the lab making a hook out of a piece of wire and using it to get some food out of a pipe? In the video it was suggested that the crow had figured out that a hook was the instrument that needed to be used and then made one, it seems that these birds have been making hooks in the wild, it's quite a bit less remarkable. (Although the video is pretty cool)

Am I wrong about this?

I actually think that it makes it more remarkable that all crows intuitively know how to make such a useful (and quite complex) tool. Most people from the "civilised" world would be absolutely clueless if they were left on some deserted island and would take a long time to figure out even the simplest of things.

EDIT: It would seem that most americans are overweight or obese. They would probably just sit down and whine.

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